By the Light of the Moon! E-Packet  $6.50
Step by step photos, color worksheet, written instructions, three line drawings offered in the original size and two reduced sizes, and close up photos of the Snowy Man, owl and pink posies. 
13 pages in total. 

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                                      St. Regis Rabbit E-Packe    $6.50

13 pages of information
Color photos of the design in progress
Step by step color instructions
Original line drawing with two reduced line drawings for smaller surfaces

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Percy n' Miss Priss! 2019 Updated E-Packet
Packet includes two photos of the finished design. The photo shown above and a close-up of
Miss Priss. Original 2002 instructions, line drawing, including a reduced line drawing for your use, and  additional notes and updates for palette and mediums substitutions using DecoArt paints.

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 Sweet Annie Angel E-Packet
Packet includes:
 12 pages of instruction, step-by-step photos of the painting process, product information, and line drawings. 

Price: $6.50

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Money Order

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     "Little Cupid Valentine' 
              Folk Art Card
           E-Packet  $6.50

      This design was originally created  
               for an on-line publication.  

            Included in this packet are...
                10 pages of instruction 
                Tips and technique info
                Close up photographs
                Full size design photo
                Line drawings

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Squished! E-Packet

This packet was designed in 2002 to fit on the lid of a small chip wood box.
I'm still receiving requests
for this pattern... 
so I've created this e-packet.  

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E packet! 
Jingle Bell Santy 2018

Revised and updated packet includes:
10 pages of text, instruction, and tips
Full size line drawing

$ 6.00
(includes sales tax for Ohio customers)
all sales final

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