Ordering Information!

Contact me at:

Email me with your order request, your name, and full address.
Also, please provide a phone number, if you will allow me to call you should there
be a problem.
Otherwise, all correspondence will be via email.
I will contact you via email with your order total.
This will include shipping and handling charges, and tax for Ohio residents.
Once your payment has reached me, your order will be sent.

Accepted payments are Checks, money order or Pay Pal.

My Pay Pal account is the same:

In time, I will offer a Pay Pal button on this blog for your convenience.

Due to the high costs of maintaining a merchant credit card account, I will no longer
accept plastic! This is unfortunate, but I cannot absorb the high fees that the credit
card companies are now requiring.
My options were either discontinue the credit card account, or raise my packet and
book prices. This is not fair to those who want to pay with check, or money order.

Thanks for your interest in my designs and for painting with me! Love, Cindy

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