It's All About the Brush!

I use Royal Langnickel Brushes!
The series that I prefer is the Aqualon line.
I love these brushes, because they have clear handles, so no issues with paint coming off the handle, and hold up very well despite my rough treatment!
I've had this particular brush for years! Even with the hard treatment, these brushes just keep on working for me!

I took this close up so you could see how the ends of the bristles splay out after using them for my shading technique.

This is a size eight brush, but I use a variety of sizes, even a liner and a size O round. This brush started out in good condition, with a nice sharp point! But after I scrubbed and mopped back and forth, this is how it turned out, Perfect! Perfect for what I want, that is!

In fact, I even do a lot of base coating with the rounds. The only exception would be for very large areas, then, of course, I use a large flat brush.

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